Frequently asked questions


The keraMess treatments are only available in selected salons. Contact your nearest salon for a consultation.

Depending on the result you want to achieve, hair is softer, more manageable, straight and silky, or just healthier looking and feeling. KeraMess has the answer for you.

Enquire at your closest salon. Selected salons will be available soon.

KeraMess has four different treatment options, suitable for all hair types.

Approximately 60 Minutes depending on the length of hair.

Yes, it does. Different results for different needs.

For best results, wash hair 3-4 days after treatment with recommended aftercare products.

Yes, it is. Book a consultation with your hairstylist before your treatment.

To increase the longevity and result of the treatment, use the Keramess aftercare products.

Yes, consult with your stylist before the colour treatment.

No, the chemicals in pool water and salt content in seawater wash out the treatment from hair.

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